Stoughton Printing Company, located in City of Industry, California, upgrades capabilities with the purchase of a new KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker and SA260 inside lining machine special version for the production of exquisite Old Style® vinyl record jackets.

Stoughton has been a leading supplier of CD and vinyl record jackets to the recording industry for nearly 60 years, employing the newest print technology and old world craftsmanship to produce an array of patented products including its brand Old Style®, Old Style Tip-On® and Old Style Gatefold® jackets from 5” through 12” sizes. The company continues to invest in new equipment and will be offering new solutions to their customers with its recent purchase of a new state-of-the-art KOLBUS DA 260 casemaker in line with  SA260 Inside Lining machine.

“The consumer and our customers have driven us to produce the highest quality jackets possible. A natural progression of this is the addition of this KOLBUS hybrid machine. Working with the KOLBUS engineers, they have fine tuned their casemaker machine and tailored it specifically to our demands, our customer demands. We fully expect this new machine to exceed our expectations for quality, speed and reliability,” said Jack Stoughton, President, Stoughton Printing Company. 

The KOLBUS line of casemakers, including the DA260- SA 260  purchase by Stoughton, is considered around the world as the “Gold Standard” for the automatic production of book cases, files, posters, calendar and board game components. The DA 260 casemaker, running at speeds of up to 50 cycles per minute, is an industrial machine engineered to exacting specifications. The machine requires simple, one-man operation with its operator-friendly controls, allowing for fast and simple set-ups and contributing to the DA-SA 260's high productivity and ROI. The machine is also ideal for small-batch or custom products using multi-section and thin boards. Stoughton will have an upgraded DA 260 production line, equipped with the SA 260 inside lining machine, for the automatic inside lining, up to 50 cycles per min. all in-line in one pass.

“The Stoughton installation is another example of how KOLBUS is utilizing their years of experience and expertise in gluing and wrapping of boards for books, game boards and luxury packing for a completely new  application,” said Art Crawley, Sales Manager, KOLBUS America.