Kolbus, a global leader in manufacturing machinery for the packaging and graphic arts industries, is delighted to announce the overwhelming success of the 2024 DRUPA trade show. The event, held over 11 days, attracted thousands of customers and featured high-profile visits, including the Saudi Arabia Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, and several distinguished industry leaders.

Hall 1 became a focal point of innovation and excitement as Kolbus colleagues from around the world gathered to showcase their latest technological advancements. Among the highlights were demonstrations of the Autobox BX Motion Pro and the much-anticipated unveiling of the DA 160 short run casemaker. Both machines drew significant attention for their cutting-edge features and capabilities, promising to revolutionize the packaging and bookbinding industries.

"The 2024 DRUPA trade show has been a remarkable platform for us to connect with our customers and industry partners," said Markus Dammann, Director of Sales at Kolbus GmbH. "The enthusiasm and positive feedback we received, particularly for the Autobox BX Motion Pro and DA 160 short run casemaker, underscore our commitment to innovation and excellence."

Kolbus proudly announced the sale of Europe's first RD 115S flexo rotary die cutter. This sale marks a significant milestone for Kolbus, highlighting the growing demand and trust in their innovative solutions across Europe.

"The sale of the RD 115S flexo rotary die cutter to our first European customer is a testament to our cutting-edge technology and the strong relationships we have built with our customers," said Henning Meier, Director of Sales at Kolbus GmbH. "We are excited to see how our solutions will continue to drive success for businesses across the continent."

The event was further distinguished by a visit from Bandar Ibrahim AlKhorayef, the Saudi Arabia Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, who explored the Kolbus exhibit and engaged with the team about the future of the industries. His visit underscores the global significance of Kolbus' innovations and their impact on a wide range of markets.

A highlight of the event was the heartfelt celebration of Art Crawley's final DRUPA. Art, who has dedicated the majority of his life to Kolbus, received a special tribute from his colleagues. Dammann delivered a moving speech that paid homage to Art's significant contributions, friendship, and character. The tribute was a poignant moment, reflecting the deep appreciation and respect that Art has garnered over his illustrious career with Kolbus.

Overall, the show was a great success and the Kolbus team looks forward to bringing additional innovations to the corrugated and graphic arts industries throughout the coming years before the next drupa!