Kolbus America is excited to announce the launch of its revolutionary KOLBUS BX Motion, the ultimate short run boxmaker. This cutting-edge solution offers unmatched versatility and efficiency, providing businesses with the ability to produce customized boxes for their specific needs.

With its modular and multi-functional design, the BX Motion empowers manufacturers to tailor the machine to their exact production requirements. Whether it's single, double, or triple wall boxes, this innovative boxmaker handles a wide range of materials, from E-flute to AAC-flute.


Key Features of the BX Motion:

  • Selectable Tool Configurations: The machine allows users to choose from various tool configurations, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility.
  • Extensive Box Style Options: Offering over 50 FEFCO box styles, the BX Motion enables businesses to create diverse packaging solutions to meet customer demands.
  • Digital Printing Capability: With digital print capabilities across the complete format, the BX Motion supports high-quality branding and customization on corrugated boxes.
  • Quick Setup Time: The machine boasts a setup time of under 60 seconds, allowing for swift production and reducing downtime.
  • Automatic Loading and Stacking: The BX Motion streamlines the manufacturing process with its automatic loading and stacking features, maximizing efficiency and productivity.
  • Inline Glue Strip Application: The machine simplifies the gluing process, using a HSS glue head to further reduce finishing processes and material handling.
  • Multi-Out Production: The ability to produce up to three boxes in the width of the machine, maximizes production efficiency for small and medium size boxes. Kolbus has designed a system that reduces setup time to around 5 minutes, with preparation being made whilst the previous job is still being run.
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The BX Motion was introduced to European market earlier this year, seeing great success and securing several initial orders shortly after its launch. Kolbus America expects to see the same level of interest in the North American market. Kolbus America will continue the launch of the BX Motion at the 2023 TAPPI CorrExpo in Cleveland, OH. Customers can visit booth #707 to speak to the sales team and learn more about the machine.

"The BX Motion sets a new benchmark in short run, on-demand boxmaking," said Jeff Dietz, President at Kolbus America. "Its modular design, coupled with the ability to customize tool configurations, makes it a truly adaptable solution for businesses seeking efficient and flexible box manufacturing."

Kolbus remains committed to delivering state-of-the-art solutions to the global packaging industry. The BX Motion exemplifies their dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

For more information about the BX Motion and other Kolbus packaging solutions, visit their website at or contact the sales team at