Kolbus America bids a heartfelt farewell to Arthur "Art" Crawley as he attends his final DRUPA. Art, who has dedicated the majority of his life to Kolbus, is a beloved figure in the industry, known for his extensive knowledge, unwavering dedication, and warm friendship. The Crawley family's significant role in the history of Kolbus adds a special layer of poignancy to this farewell, as Art prepares for retirement before the next DRUPA.

Art Crawley’s presence at Kolbus has been more than just professional; it has been profoundly personal. Throughout his illustrious career, Art has become synonymous with Kolbus, embodying the company's values and spirit. His expertise in bookmaking and packaging has made him a cornerstone of the industry, while his genuine camaraderie has touched the lives of colleagues and clients alike.

During this year's DRUPA, Kolbus colleagues paid a special tribute to Art, honoring his extraordinary contributions and enduring legacy. Markus Damian, Sales Director at Kolbus GmbH, delivered a moving speech, expressing deep appreciation and gratitude for Art's tireless work and cherished friendship. Markus' emotional words resonated with everyone present, highlighting the significant impact Art has had on Kolbus and the industry.

Crawley attended his first drupa in 1972 with his father and the well-known Crawley Bookbinding company. Drupa 2024 marks his 9th and final drupe as he prepares to retire in the coming years.

"Thank you very much Art, for all of your help, and all of the business you’ve brought to Kolbus. You’ve contributed more than $100 million (in sales) to Kolbus. This is a great contribution,” said Dammann. “You are one of my best and favorite colleagues forever,” Dammann concluded his heartfelt speech, as the entire Kolbus staff was moved to tears.

Crawley looks forward to his retirement in the next few years, as he prepares to travel across the country in his RV and enjoy time with his wife.