Kolbus America, leading provider of innovative solutions in the printing and packaging industry, proudly announces the launch of its latest development, the Kolbus RDG 115/135 Performance Series Rotary Die Cutter. This German-engineered, hybrid rotary die cutter sets a new standard in boxmaking technology, combining economic efficiency with cutting-edge features to meet the evolving needs of customers.

The Kolbus RDG Performance Series is a hybrid-designed, gear driven machine, integrated with servo technology. This rotary die cutter offers a versatile and technically advanced solution for converters seeking modern technology, without compromising on budget. The RDG can be equipped with a slot score unit and top print units, increasing its capabilities. Since the RDG is a modular machine concept, additional sections can be added at a later time. With a strong focus on delivering efficiency and precision, the RDG Performace series is poised to redefine the landscape of corrugated converting.

Jeff Dietz, President of Kolbus America, expressed his enthusiasm for the new machine, stating, "The Kolbus RDG Performance Series is an ideal solution for customers searching for an economical machine that doesn't compromise on advanced technology. We understand the challenges our customers face in staying competitive, and this new machine addresses those needs perfectly."

Like the fully-servo “sister” machine - the RDS Graphics Series, the RDG is built with quality craftsmanship, at the Kolbus factory in Rahden, Germany. The cast-iron, 4” thick side frames add to its robustness and reduce vibration, ensuring a premium print quality. Additionally, the intuitive touchscreen HMI allows operators to make adjustments on the fly, without opening the machine.

“We’re excitied to launch this machine to the North American market,” said Phil Eads, Sr. Sales Manager at Kolbus America, “The RDG Performance Series is one of only a few machines on the market with the “hybrid” gear/servo drive technology. That technology, the German construction, along with the slot score and top print capabilities, make this die cutter a remarkable choice for anyone looking to add a highly-capable machine at a conservative pricepoint.”

The RDG Performance Series was launched to the European market in the Fall of 2023, to which, it has seen great interest. The first RD 115G was commissioned in November 2023, at a facility in Chemnitz Saxony, Germany.

More information about the Kolbus RDG Performance Series can be found online at or by contating the Kolbus America Sales team at

 Kolbus America continues to lead the industry in innovation, providing cutting-edge solutions that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market. The Kolbus RDG Performance Series is another testament to the Kolbus commitment to delivering excellence in corrugated converting.