Kolbus America is celebrating 300 years worth of work anniversaries from 10 of its most diligent employees. While staffing concerns continue to plague the corrugated industry and much of the country, Kolbus America continues to expand its workforce and celebrate its incredibly dedicated team. 

The unwavering dedication and vast knowledge of these individuals has contributed to the shared success of Kolbus America and Hycorr Machines for the past 50 years. Many of these employees have built strong, trusted relationships with Kolbus America customers, in their customer-facing roles, while others have worked tirelessly behind the scenes, to build and assemble machines in the Kalamazoo, Michigan, manufacturing facility.

The Kolbus America employees recognized are: Peter Otis (16 years), Ken Carlile (18 years), Jeff Rousseau (19 years), Martin Korteway (28 years), Judy Theobald (30 Years), Craig Sweet (33 years), Bob Bucko (35 years), Art Crawley (36 years), Thomas Otis (37 years), Manni Redecker (48 years). 

“We are proud to applaud the dedication of our amazing team members and to congratulate these men and women on their incredible contributions and hard work at Kolbus America Inc.,” said Jeff Dietz, President. “Their journey with us has been nothing short of inspiring, and we're thrilled to have them as a valuable part of our KOLBUS family.”