Envision Dallas is partnering with Kolbus America to expand their operation and bring jobs to the Blind and Visually Impaired (BVI) community of Dallas, Texas. The Kolbus DA 270 will be operated by blind and visually impaired employees of Envision and will expand their capacity to meet increased customer demand of their award binders and retirement binders.

Envision Dallas provides the people of North Texas with crucial programs and services. Envision Dallas is part of Envision who are one of the largest employers of people who are blind or visually impaired (BVI) in the United States. The purchase of their Kolbus DA 270 Casemaker will significantly increase their production capability, enabling additional binders to be awarded to Envision Dallas that will result in more jobs being added to their BVI workforce.

The Kolbus DA 270 is used by customers around the world for the automatic production of book cases, files, display cards, calendar backs, game boards, or in this case, diploma cases. The DA 270 casemaker runs at speeds of up to 65 cycles/min. Several variations of the machine exist for integrated corner cutting and perfect round corner shaping. It’s a heavy-duty, versatile machine for a wide range of applications. Like with all of the Kolbus Casemakers, they’re built to be extremely operator friendly and ideal for one-man operation, providing maximum production and ROI.

 “It’s truly an honor to work with a company like Envision, who provides such great opportunities for the Dallas community. The Kolbus DA 270 is providing Envision with the opportunity for substantial growth in a new market, while making an impact on the local community,” said Kelly Adams, Southeast Sales for Kolbus America. ”This machine is extremely safe and easy to operate, making it a perfect fit for Envision’s employees.” 

“We have been manually producing various sizes of award binders for all branches of our armed services and for several departments in the government for many years. We are optimistic that the increased capacity from the addition of the Kolbus DA 270 will enable new business opportunities for Envision Dallas. This will create the potential for us to provide additional jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired,” said Scott Haney, Sr. Director of Operations, Envision Dallas. 

About Envision:

Envision provides opportunities through outreach services and programs. Through employment of the BVI community, they help people gain life skills and relevant work training for jobs, including the production of high quality American-made products. Funds generated from the company’s manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment business, along with donations and grants, fund Envision’s social mission.