CompanyBox of Charlotte, NC recently purchased a three-color Kolbus RD 115S Flexo Rotary Die Cutter with inside print capabilities, to increase printing capacity and expand their current operations. With a planned install date of January 2023, this will be the newest addition to CompanyBox’s fleet of eight existing converting machines, as well as four digital printers.

The German built RD 115S is the newest innovation from Kolbus, introduced to the industry at SuperCorr Expo 2021, in Orlando, FL. This is a modular machine concept with up to eight print units including optional top print. This robust machine comes well equipped with advanced technology including image stretch/shrink functionality, a feed unit with repeatable sheet separation with servo driven feed wheels and lift grid, and a rigid cast iron frame die cutter module. The inside printing capability on the Kolbus machine is expected to open doors for growth into new markets.

“The RD 115S will allow CompanyBox to offer their customers a more dynamic product mix.  With the top print module, the ability to produce a beautiful box with inside and outside print in one pass will reduce setup time and increase production,” said Ryan Clark, Sales Manager, Kolbus America

“We are looking to more than double our capacity this coming year,” says Louie DeJesus, CEO of CompanyBox. “Thanks, in part, to printing partners such as Kolbus, we look forward to providing our customers with greater flexibility in printing and shorter lead times come early next year.”

“Once again, Kolbus is making an impact in the corrugated market.  I believe customers are seeing the build quality, engineering, and capabilities as the forefront of the flexo rotary die cutter market.  We proudly have one of the shortest lead times in the industry which gives customers an opportunity to quickly capture the increase demand they are seeing.  The momentum is building, and customers are starting to take notice.” said Clark. 

Committed to strengthening their staff, helping their communities, and providing sustainable packaging options, CompanyBox provides custom packaging solutions as well as prototype development, 3D rendering and mockups, and online production ordering. For more info, visit https://companybox.com/