Kolbus America is pleased to announce the latest success and widespread adoption of its AutoBox Boxer, by multiple US and Canadian government agencies. The AutoBox Boxer, renowned for its ease of use and efficiency in corrugated box production, has been purchased by these agencies to enhance their packaging capabilities.

The AutoBox Boxer is a highly-intuitive, automatic short-run box making machine that brings unparalleled speed, precision, and versatility to the packaging industry. Designed to streamline the box making process, the Boxer boasts an array of features including: automatic setup, flexibility to accommodate various box styles and sizes, high-speed precision production, an intuitive user interface for ease of operation, and unmatched reliability.

Installations of the machines will be taking place at locations across the United States and Canada through 2024.

Jeff Dietz, President of Kolbus America, expressed his enthusiasm for the success of the AutoBox Boxer in this market, stating, "We are honored that these government agencies have chosen the AutoBox Boxer to meet their packaging needs. The success of the Boxer in this market is a testament to its capabilities and the trust our customers place in Kolbus America as a reliable partner."