The industry’s production and quality leader, Kolbus Hycorr series – with its low-maintenance, high performance vacuum transfer technology – delivers registration and color dependability sheet after sheet, edge to edge. This proven design rotary diecutter provides the ideal solution for every application from high quality graphic containers to display work. The Hycorr Series RDC’s are quick set-up, easy to operate and very productive. Durably built with state of the art automation and features the Hycorr Series machines are ideal for short and long run work.


Think outside – and inside the box. HYCORR’s Top Print unit makes it possible for printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass.

Think outside – and inside the box. HYCORR’s Top Print unit makes it possible for printing on both sides of the sheet in one pass.

FACT: Hycorr machines produce award-winning products of all shapes and sizes.

Hycorr machines have a low cost of ownership, high level of dependability and performance year after year. HYCORR rotary die cutters provide the highest quality corrugated printing – and it’s all done at an extraordinary value. KOLBUS HYCORR Series backed by the industry’s best 24/7/365 service and parts support.

Standard Features | 85, 115, 135

Feed Section

  • Servo driven lift grid for repeatability
  • Servo driven feed wheels for better control
  • Servo driven main drive for reliability
  • Lead Edge Feeder with Skip Feed Capability
  • Snap-On Feed Wheels Covers for Easy Maintenance
  • Lower Dual Durometer Rubber Feed Roll Prevents Scuffing of Print Surface while Providing Accurate, Reliable Feeding of Sheets
  • Central Bijur Automatic Lubrication System Distributes Oil Evenly and Consistently to Drive Gears in all Machine Sections
  • Computer Controlled Motorized Feed Roll Board Caliper Nip Adjustment
    Sheet Vacuum Cleaning
  • Computer Controlled Motorized Backstop, Side Guides, Feed Gate

Print Section

  • Sheet Vacuum Transport featuring Hard Anodized Aluminum Wheels in a Unique Staggered Pattern for Superior Support of all Corrugated Board Flutes
  • Dual Encoder Design Provides “Servo-Like” Print Registration Accuracy
  • Damper Controlled Vacuum for Best Sheet Control, Reduced Energy Cost
  • Computer Controlled and Motorized Machine Functions;
    • Caliper Adjustment for the Impression Roll
    • Sequential Anilox Roll Raising and Lowering
    • Motorized Lateral Adjust
  • Jam Detection
  • Harmonic Compensator for Registration Control Adjustments
  • High Performance Polymer Material Blade Beam Eliminates Corrosion
  • Standard Reverse Angle Polymer Blade Beam Accepts all Wiper Blade Material
  • Dual Pneumatic Ink Pumps Standard
  • Chromed Plated Impression Roll and Print Cylinder with Centerline Score and Matthew Lock Bar
  • Dust and Scrap Control Enhanced by Guards on Last Print and Diecut Sections
  • Quick Change Anilox Roll System
  • Auto Wash System

Diecut Section

  • AutoComp® Drive for Anvil Cylinder Ensures Accurate Cut Length regardless of Anvil Wear and Extends Anvil Blanket Life
  • Automatic Mechanical Anvil Cylinder Oscillation Through 1.5” Range
  • Side Scrap Delivery Conveyer


  • Chromed Score/Slit Shafts
  • Chrome Plated Die Mount Cylinder
  • Optional Dual Slot/Score Unit Available
  • Serrapid Quickmount Die Cylinder


  • Main Disconnect/Lockout for Electrical & Pneumatic Systems
  • Siemens Integrated Safety Platform
  • Operator Lockout for Safe Machine Set-Ups
  • Setup Safety – Electrical Power Disconnect/Lockout

Machine Control

  • Job Storage and Retrieval for Efficient One Sheet Machine Setup
  • Order Catalog allows the Operator to: Add New Order, View Existing Order, View Order History, Setup an Order, View Order Schedule, Remove Order from Schedule, Save & Recall Jobs for Fast Reliable Repeatability
  • Available for Operator On-Line at the Operator Touch Screen
  • Diagnostic Alarm Codes to quickly identify and resolve operator/machine issues
  • Precise, to 0.001”, Print Registration Adjustment while Machine in Operation

Options [Print Section]

  • Extended Print Sections (35”)
  • Polymer Dual Chambered Blade Beam
  • Viscosity Control and PH Control
  • Tilt Bar Plate Mounting
  • IR Dryers and UV Curing Systems
  • Auxiliary Trail Edge Groove
  • Cary Annen Plate Lockup System
  • Inline Top Print Unit for Two-Sided Printing in One Pass


  • Eccentrics Rotate on “DU” Bushings Press Fit into Side Frames
  • Solid 2 5/8” Steel Side Frames
  • Heavy Duty One Piece Forged Journals for all Cylinders
  • Ringfeder Type Shaft to Hub Locks Throughout
  • Heat Treated Chrome Molybdenum Steel Drive Gears
  • Eccentric Cam Rollers on Each Machine Section Allows Sections to be Independently Leveled


  • Air Conditioned Main Electrical Cabinet and Feed Servo Cabinet
  • PLC Machine Control
  • Distributive Modular I/O System with Plug-In Cables
  • Standard Power Requirements 460 volts, 3 phase power 60 HZ
  • Electrical Interface Provided for Stacker and/or PreFeeder
  • Isolation Transformer


  • Efficient Machine Setup, Touch Screen Operator/Machine Interface
  • Job Recall
  • Diagnostic Alarm Codes provide Text Messages for Easy Troubleshooting and Control Alarm History
  • Top Machine View for Axis Adjustments
  • Numerical Displays Available in Metric and Imperial
  • Embedded Siemens Integrated and Windows-based Machine Control System
  • Pedestal Mounted Operator Console and Swing Arm Feed Console
  • History/Setup an Order, Make Ready Graphical Display of Axes Allows Simple Machine Axis Adjustment


  • Precision grind 0.001”-0.005” max


inches mm
inches mm
inches mm
Max Sheet Feed
60.5 x 85” 1537 x 2159
60.5 x 115” 1537 x 2921
60.5 x 135” 1537 x 3429
Max Sheet Feed with Skip Feed
121 x 85” 3073 x 2159
121 x 115” 3073 x 2921
121 x 135” 3073 x 3429
Min Sheet Feed Manual Side Guides
18 x 26.25” 457 x 667
18 x 26.25” 457 x 667
18 x 26.25” 457 x 667
Min Sheet Feed Powered Side Guides
18 x 25.75” 457 x 654
18 x 25.75” 457 x 654
18 x 25.75” 457 x 654
Max Print Width
79” 2007
109” 2769
129” 3277
Max Diecut Width
78” 1981
108” 2743
128” 3251
Print Cylinder Lateral Adjustment Range
1.0” 25
1.0” 25
1.0” 25
Max Nip Opening
.5625” 14
.5625” 14
5625” 14
Diecut Cylinder Lateral Adjustment Range
1.0” 25
1.0” 25
1.0” 25
Impression Roll Diameter
7.167” 182
7.167” 182
7.167” 182
Upper Knurled Feed Roll Diameter
7.167” 182
7.167” 182
7.167” 182
Lower Rubber Feed Roll Diameter
8.053” 205
8.053” 205
8.053” 205
Anilox Roll Diameter
8.333” 212
8.333” 212
10.833” 275
Max Machine Speed
200 Blanks/Min
200 Blanks/Min

Air – 100 psi Dry Compressed Air Required at Machine

Water – No Water Treatment Required

Technical changes reserved.


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